Attitude of Gratitude

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Maybe you’ve lost your job.

Maybe you’re stuck at home.

Maybe you’re feeling lost, confused or helpless…

Even though you may feel overwhelmed, we invite you to seize an opportunity to realise the many things you take for granted, that you can have a renewed gratitude for ……

Thinking about the negative is not your fault. It’s somewhat of an automatic default that our brain can be attracted to.

On a blank white paper with a black dot on it, most people will only focus on that small black dot.

We are attracted towards the negative. Fed by negative media determines how our brain works. “Bad news sells”.

You can change that and be in charge of your thoughts.

Your mind can adapt to new things and you can change your habits. It is called neuroplasticity. Changing your mind by redirecting your thoughts shifts your perception and emotions and opens up a new world of possibilites. 

Knowing this, you can re-direct your focus. Rewire to refire your brain.

Take a moment right now; write out the things that you have taken for granted.

It might be …

the sunshine.

Breathing in the air.  

Feeling your fingers and toes.

Feeling your heart beat.

Your relationships

Enjoying food.

Having a roof over your head

And a place to rest.

I am sure you have your own specific examples. 

Write them down.  There is a power when you write things down!

Now, look at yourself in the mirror

and fall in love with you!

Where energy flows, your mind goes.

That black dot need not dominate all your white space,

Your positive mindset can change that black dot to yellow or green or even a rainbow.

When you do that, you can be grateful for your strength, resilience and neuroplasticity.

Whenever unexpected things happen, find ways to be grateful, see the silver lining in the cloud.

Maybe losing a job opens a chance to get a better one….that you love.

Many people locked at home have turned to their imagination and inventiveness to engage in interests and activities that bring them surprises infused with joy.

Suddenly you are not lost, confused, nor helpless anymore.

You are now your own best friend. And this is the beginning of the most valuable love ever. The love of your self.

When you are grateful for what you have achieved, you attract more positives into your life.

Being grateful is one of the most peaceful and rewarding feelings.

In a grateful state, there is pure happiness.

And happiness has its real-life benefits-

It improves the quality of your sleep;

It decreases blood pressure;

It increases your energy level;

It decreases stress and depressing thoughts;

It helps you live longer.

Being grateful is not an overnight thing, it is an attitude; it is a habit, which comes from constant practice.

There is a saying “If you are not grateful, you are a great fool”.

So, keep practicing the “Attitude of gratitude” and loving yourself.

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