Benefits in Organizations and Corporations

Employee stress and overwhelm can have detrimental effect on an organization.Science shows that laughter, humour, and play are proven stress busters, and when your employees are happy, everyone feels better.

When morale is low, it can result in poor health, compromised inter-personal relationships, low levels of customer service and reduced productivity – all of which affect your bottom line.

In a professional environment, MeDiClowning offers the development of multiple social skills. Even one session with our MeDiClowns will have a real and profound impact on your workplace, and when you introduce a regular Laugh and Play sessions for your staff, the benefits multiply.

Studies in Europe and India have demonstrated significant reduction in stress levels and improved productivity among organizations that provide Laughter Yoga sessions for their staff.   One Danish company reported a 40% increase in sales and a 75% reduction in stress after a year of Laughter Yoga.

Companies who engage MeDiClowns have reported the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Building of effective and motivated teams;
  • Improvement of presentation and public speaking;
  • Increased self-confidence of employees;
  • Development of additional leadership skills;
  • Facilitates the expression of the creative genius within;
  • Development of creative solutions for challenging situations;
  • Enhancement of vital communication abilities;
  • Improvement of relationship between employee and the company;
  • Inspiration of an open, expressive and empowered workplace;
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • “Having MeDi Clown Academy train our staff in clowning and laughter, has not only contributed significantly to the enjoyment of our guests, it has also had an extremely positive ripple effect throughout our organization.  We are very pleased to be bringing them back to train more of our employees from our resorts across India.”

    Miguel Munoz
    Miguel Munoz Chief Resorts Officer, Sterling Holiday Resorts