Benefits for Students and Educators

Teachers with a demanding curriculum need to set and maintain high standards of concentration and focus.  Humour, play and laughter make the teaching and learning process more enjoyable and memorable.

Using humour and role plays, students experience a number of desirable outcomes: they are more motivated to learn, relate and enjoy their studies. They also retain information easier. Lessons are longer lasting. In the process, many social skills are being taught that benefit families, relationships, and career.

Teaching becomes a joyous activity, and not just a job;

  • Students of teachers who laugh and have a sense of humour tend to learn more;
  • Laughter, humour and play releases stress, tension and anxiety;
  • Focus and concentration is easier to maintain;
  • Discipline becomes easier to manage;
  • communication barriers between students and teachers breaks down creating greater receptive learning atmosphere;
  • Students and teachers experience greater resilience after encountering setbacks.

Having fun is not at odds with being a results oriented, strong learning community.In schools where MeDiClowns and laughter are involved, the following additional benefits have been experienced:

  • Greater harmony among peers and with teachers;
  • Reduced ragging and bullying;
  • Reduction of stress due to examinations can improve academic grades;
  • Increase of self-esteem and confidence because of the freedom of expression;
  • Stimulation of left and right brain leading to enhanced creativity and innovation;
  • Promotion of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation;
  • Engages both sides of the brain leading to the development of intellectual and emotional intelligence;
  • Enriched problem solving skills resulting from the encouragement of thinking outside the box;
  • The development of greater intelligence because setbacks and mistakes are seen as learning experiences; consequently students are willing to grow, make mistakes and learn from them.

Social Benefits

  • Collaborative and positive working relationships with the teacher and each other
  • Greater trust to confide in their teacher
  • Learn lifelong social skills that can benefit their family, relationships, and career

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