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HealthcareIn hospitals and healthcare facilities, MeDi Clowning creates a relaxed atmosphere that allows medical staff to perform their work while the MeDi Clown relieves the stress of the patient. MeDi Clowning is an integrated and integral alternative therapy that supports people to heal faster.
medi clown in india
EducationWhen MeDi Clowns go to schools, colleges and universities, they share joy, happiness and laughter creating a positive atmosphere. Students of all ages who have been engaged by material delivered in a light hearted manner leave smiling, motivated, and lessons learned are long.
OrganisationsIn a professional environment, MeDi Clowning has many benefits. It contributes to create better leadership teams, improves staff wellbeing and moral by giving tools to establish a sustainable balance between professional and personal lives.


Transforming health and wellbeing; establishing a new career in India by professionally training and certifying trainers and 5000+ MeDiClowns to work in healthcare, education, organizations and the corporate sector.

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