India NoseLove

NoseLove , The clown nose is a symbol of Unity, Love, Peace and Joy, it belongs to no one, is for everyone and is in everyone.  It brings out the youth that never ages.  It bridges the past with the future.

In antiquity, the clown, trickster, shaman, fool, jester, komali, joker has existed in all cultures. India is steeped in a deep spiritual reverence for life. The clown,  Vikatakavi, has the ability to laugh at the ridiculousness of life and reveal what is truly behind the mask be it love, life …. loss.

This delightful trickster and innocent wise one, is a direct connection to that which is Divine, and shares gentle kindness to what is profound and mundane.

When the most privileged people can look deeply into the eyes of a beggar on the street, and the beggar on the street can look deeply into the eyes of the of most privileged; and together they can see only oneness in love, hope, joy, beauty and grace – then the deepest healing will take place and we will transform individually and collectively.  The clown is divinely inspired and can facilitate this.

We invite you to join us to… 

  • Create and live in the Healing Power of Love, Joy and Hope
  • Ensure Love, Laughter, Hope and Play are an integral and essential part of medical care for patients and their families in hospitals and healthcare settings
  • Support the training of MeDiClowns to work in every state in India
  • Raise money to have MeDiClown programs in all government hospitals
  • Partner with huge hearted sponsors who care deeply
  • Distribute one billion noses
  • Show the world how India is a nation that deeply cares, and that her people deeply care for each other with open hearts

What is India  NoseLove?

  • Each NoseLove, is handcrafted with love and created from Palmyra seeds, collected from the forest in and around Auroville in South India
  • India NoseLove aims to bridge people of all ages, classes, economics, cultures and abilities
  • Provide training and enhanced livelihoods with dignity for women, men and people with disabilities
  • India NoseLove literally and metaphorically is about breathing in the essence of life and allowing that breathe to transform – with each and every breath we take we can heal

Share the gift of love. Share a NoseLove, a novel gift, for yourself, family, friends and co-workers. Your donation for your one of a kind NoseLove, supports training programs in villages and hospitals empowering self help groups and providing enhanced livelihoods for women and men.  Thank you for spreading Love, Laughter and Play for Healing Ourselves and our Planet.

MeDiClown Academy invites you to remember your gift, accept your gift and share it with each other and the world.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicst (1879-1955)
Noble Prize for Physics

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