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We all know there is only one thing in life that (is consistent)will remain the same. Change! Within change you have a choice. Do you let your life run you like a wild horse? Or do you seize the reins and direct your life towards your dream, vision, goal, maintaining your trajectory despite circumstances, contingencies, pandemics of fear or dis-ease. You can see yourself as either a failure because of circumstance either internal or external or a super hero who knows without doubt victory is yours, knowing challenging circumstances are necessary and valuable tests to strengthen your resilience while you adjust your track and strategy maintaining your goal in mind. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb through over 10 thousand tests that were “failures”. Those 10 thousand plus failures he described as “feedback”.

 I certainly don’t remember. Likely neither do you, but I know I didn’t learn to walk from just one try! Strategy may have been a table leg, or a footstool that I grabbed onto like a life raft. And just a few feet away there is my Mum and Dad, hands reaching out, eyes full of love, calling my name with encouragement. Since then circumstances haven’t changed much. The scenario is very similar. But the stakes are higher. And the drama is much more poignant, comedic, and purpose full. For the one who is reaching out to you with love and encouragement is You, the spark and glow of Divinity that is the Complete and Victorious You. And now when you finally see You, hear You and in turn reach out to You, you can ride this horse called life, this shining stallion to the stars and beyond with full confidence that you reign with the Universe the Multiverse. This is Our Divine Heritage. And it is long past time that we finally accept this inheritance.

Am I a fool in believing that we actually can have Heaven on Earth? Well you can either laugh at me or with me. Nevertheless at MeDi Clown Academy we all laugh together. And that is just for starters. Our strategy for us all is an integral approach to healing, well being and life long learning; bringing joy, love, and laughter into daily living, in healthcare, education and corporate environments. That too is just for starters. Because we can go, well, pretty well anywhere!

Visit our website today, and help MeDiClown Academy  achieve our Vision — ‘Healing through Love, Laughter, Play and Humour: A Healthy Happy India for All.’

And of course we would love you to share your valuable feedback. and if you have anything to add then please mention it in the comments.

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