MeDiClown Advisory

Sr. Christine Antony, fmm is the retired head of the Department of Sociology at Stella Maris College Autonomous.  The B.A. Degree in Sociology, the first in Chennai, was started in 1971 under her headship.  She is the President of SMART, the Stella Maris Association of Retired Teachers. Under her guidance, MeDiClown Academy launched the Certificate Course in Medical Clowning, the of its kind in India, with the Department of Social Work at Stella Maris.

Dr. Professor Atay Citron, Ph.D., is an associate professor of theatre at the University of Haifa, in Israel, where he founded a pioneering full-time academic training program for medical clowns. He has lectured and given workshops in conferences, hospitals, theatre departments and festival internationally. He organized the 2012 First International Seminar on Medical Clowning. He leads the Ebisu Sign Language Theatre Laboratory interdisciplinary research project.

Mr. Torkil Dantzer, originally from Denmark is an economist. He also is a furniture designer and executive of Prakrit, an innovative furniture manufacturing unit in Auroville.  He is the director of the Varanasi Weavers, Prayag Design and Crafts Foundations and Bestsellers. He was very involved in programs in Tanzania and China. Currently, he is active in the fund and economic groups in Auroville.

Ms. Prema Rangalingham is the Managing Director of Flatirons India, an $80 million US-based company. She was part of the founding team for TexTech International which later merged with Jouve; she co-managed the Indian operations and was responsible for building customer relationships in the UK and Australia. Prema was on the Whiteboard India board supporting start-ups. She is the co-founder of Vroom Apps.

Mr. Rama Subramanian, Director and co-founder of Sustainable Livelihood Institute, has extensively worked with academic institutions, civil society organizations and state & national government for over 19 years as a process management and conceptualizing expert in social initiatives. He has been inspiring, shaping & supporting grassroots organisations and institutions, especially with a view towards building strong rural economies utilizing the concept of self-reliance.

Mr. Manuel Thomas CA, Partner at Thomas (VM) & CO has 30 years of experience in Audit, Tax planning, Cross Border Mergers and acquisitions, Due Diligence, Setting up of Trusts, Societies, Incorporation of Companies, Audits and Taxation. He is the co-author of “Economics for People and Earth The Auroville Case 1968 to 2008”.  He continues to work with several Auroville groups and commercial units in various consultive capacities

Dr. Professor Bernie Warren Ph.D., recently retired from the University of Windsor as Professor Emeritus after teaching in Universities worldwide for 35 yrs. He is an award-winning researcher and teacher; an internationally respected author of books and articles on the use of the arts & humour in healthcare, Eastern healing/martial arts; a world-renowned teacher of medical clowns / Clown-Doctors and, a featured speaker on TV and radio worldwide.