Fif Fernandes – Artistic Director

Fif received her BFA (Drama) Specializing in Theatre for Young Audiences from the University of Calgary. She also has her Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and she is a Humor Academy Graduate from the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor, USA. For more than 25 years her work has included teaching and facilitating classes for doctors, nurses, social workers, Chief Executive Officers, educators, children with special needs, teens, adults and seniors have sought Fif to assist them and train them in discovering joy and happiness in their lives. «read more»

Hamish Boyd – Artistic Director

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Drama from the University of Alberta, Hamish has worked professionally as an actor in classical theatre, improvisation and musicals, on radio, stage, film and television since 1977. Along with Fif, Hamish has trained over 500 Certified Laughter Yoga leaders and has presented workshops on laughter to over thirty thousand people around the globe. He has also worked in healthcare with seniors, in palliative care, and with people with physical and mental disabilities for over 35 years. «read more»

Nick Klotz – Director of Business Development

Nicholas Klotz (Nick) has been visiting India for over 40 years. A former Senior Director of IT companies in India and internationally. He has owned retail businesses and he is know a co-owner of a publishing company in Kolkata, an advertising business in Delhi and an organic farm in Kerala. He has also lived in different parts of India and now divides his time between Auroville In Tamilnadu near Pondicherry and Wayanad, Kerala. He is currently a Management Consultant covering admin, sales and marketing to a number of different Social Enterprises in Auroville. «read more»

Babu Karthi – Director of Rural Development & Happiness

Babu Karthi, joined Komali in Januray 2015. He was born and raised in Edaychanvadey part of the Auroville Village. He is our Director of Happiness with Rural Development. He is also instrumental in India Nose Love. He is in his final year of Business Administration at Achariya College. His goal is to reduce plastics.
He is a avid sport person and teaches sports to the kids in Auroville and body building to adults in Auroville. Happiness, rather than running after money is key to his life.

Elaine Anderson – Associate Director

Elaine trained at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and the Dundee School of Theatre where she received her diploma. Throughout her training she worked in the community delivering classes and workshops in dance and drama. In November 2014 she joined Komali as an apprentice and trainee clown/laughter leader.

Ancolie – Director of Laughter

Born and raised in Auroville, Ancolie is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher trained by the Founder, Dr. Madan Kataria. She joined Komali in December 2014 as Director of Laughter (HAHA Lieutenant)