MeDi Clown Academy offers a wide range of training programs, workshops and services to healthcare professionals, patients, educators, students, and organisations.

Certified Professional Qualification in MeDi Clowning
Using therapeutic clowning, play, laughter and humour as a tool for healing, we offer an Interdisciplinary Focus of Professional Development which will be enhanced by learning theoretic applications in a variety of occupations including, but not limited to medicine, health and wellness, business, education, mental health, spirituality and community development.

Certified Clowning in Hospitality
Breaking down barriers, stimulating joy, happiness and fun through the engagement and the training of clowning, laughter and humour. Our training is broad in scope ranging from movement, voice and facial modulations, creating routines through a variety of means, storytelling, puppetry, basic magic and music. We also specialize in improvisational skills which help in reading your audience – be it a large group of people, or a corporate executive, a honeymooning couple, grandmother or child.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training
Learn, design and deliver dynamic laughter yoga sessions in a variety of settings; understanding of the significance of laughter for physical and psychological health and well-being.

Certified MeDi Clowning Course for Social Workers and Health Professionals
Art of Medical Clowning for Transformational Shifts Level 1
Transformational Shifts in Fieldwork Level 2

Workshops by Design and Request – 1.5 hours – 2 days

Introduction to Clowning as a Tool for Healing and Systemic Shifting in Healthcare, Education and Business to Whole Brain Thinking
Historical development and role of the clown in various cultures and societies: from ancient times to the modern day medical / therapeutic clown. Emerging trends to humanize systems, integrating arts, spirituality and science.

The Biology of Hope
The effect of positive language: theory and application. Skills in developing verbal and non-verbal language for enriching relationships and enhancing trust, empathy and compassion between the patient / client and healthcare provider.

Laughter, Happiness, Humour and Joy
History and theory of therapeutic and cathartic laughter; benefits – health, social, Scientific research has suggested that positive emotions and laughter stimulate neurological and chemical changes in the brain and body that boost the immune system. Re-framing negative thoughts and behavioral patterns; cultivation and sustainability of happiness and joy. Community Building, Stress reduction, Empowering people.

Communication Skills and Therapeutic Approaches of Storytelling and Puppetry:
Examining storytelling as a vehicle for self-understanding and healing. Using puppetry and creating animate objects from inanimate objects as an expressive art form. Exploring the creation of puppets and using puppetry as tool for education, therapy (client and family centric) social expression and as assessment tool.

Stress Release Workshops

Public Speaking
Communication Skills Workshops
Theatre Workshops
MeDi Clown Classes by Design

Clowning Skills                                                                                                  

Improvisation, theatre games and clowning techniques to: develop self-confidence, develop self and group trust, develop observational skills; be authentic and playful; heighten listening skills; create something from nothing, transform everyday objects into something extraordinary; create a world of wonder and fantasy; use tableau to create structure and story; develop the inner clown; understand and use external and internal movement, voice and rhythm; dramaturgy and improvisational structure; juggling and metaphors in action.

Improvisation Love Life and Laughter

Your Autopsy – Write Your Life Story Before Your Die
Light Your Darkness


Clownsultancy – coaching of strategies, modalities and approaches to healthcare

One on one sessions, mentoring services for patients, educators, health practitioners or leaders.

MeDi Clowning for private and public facilities

Individual Plays and Performances

My Autopsy – performance

75 minutes performance

Light in Darkness – inter-disciplinary performance

45 minute performance

Hugo’s Whale of a Problem – puppet show

20 minute performance

Stand and Deliver

Speaking engagements / Keynote speeches

Ice-breakers, games

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