India Nose Love
The clown, fool, jester, komali has existed in all cultures for centuries. The clown nose is a symbol of unity, love, peace and joy- it belongs to no-one, is for everyone and is in everyone. It brings out the youth that never ages. It bridges the past with the future.

Our goal is to spread love and joy thru one of a kind clown noses. Our noses are handcrafted from recycled and waste materials, ie. seeds and bamboo, paper and fabric, from Auroville and the bio-region. These noses are made with love are distributed around India on a donation basis. The production and distribution of the noses empowers self-help groups and provides enhanced livelihoods. All funds received go toward supporting villages and hospitals along with Medi Clowns and training programs.

Please help us to share one million clown noses and love across India.

Thank you for your generosity!